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David Rubini

Veteran Executive Producer and development dealmaker, David Rubini has over 25 years of Radio, Television, Film and digital content experience. The podcast pioneer, content creator, USAF Vet, digital filmmaker, manager, producer, publicist and writer, works; plays and resides in the "Great American Southwest." A former executive for CBS and the Dallas Cowboys, producer for legendary Coast to Coast AM talk show host Art Bell, is the legendary Executive Producer, polarizing personality, podcaster and politically charged truth seeking talk radio host of Midnight in the Desert and owner of Dark Matter Digital Network.

Rubini is a Christian creationist, Flat Earth truther, Conspiracy realist, Paranormal researcher, investigative journalist. podcast pioneer, radio talk show host, and Best-Selling writer, editor, and Literary Agent, Executive Producer for (Travel Channel) Secret Shoppers, Executive Producer, Sr. VP of Development (BG Productions) of hit reality TV show Cheaters (Worldwide Television Syndication).

The former Coast To Coast AM / Caravan To Midnight / Ark Midnight Executive producer became a top producer for legendary Radio Hall of Fame Radio Talk Show icon and host, Art Bell being hand-picked and first chosen along with Dr. J and Heather Wade to lead Art Bell’s last radio comeback. Rubini worked with colleagues Ross Mitchell, Leo Ashcraft, RW Sanders, Dr. J, and Mr. Bell’s longtime trusty webmaster, Keith Rowland, to help with the creation of Dark Matter Digital Network and the iconic nightly anchor show Midnight in the Desert, debuting July 20, 2015.

After the untimely passing of Mr. Bell in 2018, Rubini returned in 2019 to produce for John B. Wells' Caravan and Ark Midnight leading a extremely successful terrestrial radio and digital broadcast in dozens of syndicated major markets Nationwide.

In 2020 Rubini purchased Dark Matter Digital Network coming full-circle, this time as Owner-Operator, Manager, Operations Director, Advertising Director and Executive Producer. After having Executive Produced Midnight in The Desert between 2015-2020, Rubini now serves as MITD show host for the iconic radio show's upcoming Re-Launch that made National headlines scheduled for late Summer 2021.


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David Rubini

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