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The Cottage Fairy
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A lovely channel. Be prepared to be transfixed. Immersing yourself into the beauty of a simpler life is quite simply nothing short of enchanting. It's as if you stepped into a Miramax movie such as Enchanted April or Howard's End but in the here and now of the 21st Century, in America, somewhere deep in the Pacific Northwest. I assure you that Paula Merrill's calming, meditative prose and beautiful imagery is as good as it gets for a bed-time story for tired and news weary adults, bringing you tranquility and stillness as you drift asleep or need a moment to unfrazzle your day. 

This author is proof that there are people who are living out their lives on their own terms, competing with no one. Releasing impossible expectations. Returning to a slower paced living, connecting to nature sounds impossible to some but a goal for others. 
From the channel author and creator:
We just need to grow and offer healing to those who come in contact much like the simple wild gyro, when i started the journey of healing my body and mind after many years of self-harm I realized that it had to begin with opening that little corner of my heart that felt somehow I deserved to be mistreated every time a past bully had called me names or hurt me. I thought for some reason it was no more than I deserved that was the fundamental shift that had to happen. The belief that I am worthy and good, and you are also worthy and good because it begins with believing we're good enough to get help to love. To begin from wherever we are, mistakes and shortcomings, and go forth on that journey of who we will become, and that person doesn't need to achieve anything to be extraordinary.

So yes, perhaps my dreams failed me in a way distracting me with the false promise that success or reaching your worldly goals will make you value yourself by default so now i wake up each morning and rewrite the story Paula isn't living in order to achieve great things she doesn't need to prove herself, instead she's here to simply be and through that process she will find her greatness and her voice and her self-love and so i hope will you..."
Author: Paula Merrill
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The Cottage Fairy
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